Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Dermeze suitable for use on babies' skin?
Yes, Dermeze moisturising products are suitable for use on babies. Our range of Dermeze moisturisers are free from fragrances, parabens and colour, and are dermatologist tested as non-irritant. In fact, our Dermeze Ointment was originally developed by the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne to care for the needs of babies’ dry, sensitive skin and the formulation hasn’t changed.
2. Is Dermeze Australian-made?
Yes, the Dermeze range is made here in Australia.
3. How do I find the Dermeze product that’s best for my skin?
It can be hard to find the right moisturiser for your dry and sensitive skin, so we’ve made it easy for you with our simple moisture intensity scale. The number of moisture drops on each Dermeze product indicates the level of moisturising intensity, allowing you to choose from our light Moisturising Lotion (two drops) through to intense hydration with our Treatment Ointment (five drops) – teamed up, of course, with our gentle Dermeze Soap Free Wash for best effect.



Moisture Intensity Scale


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Once you’ve found which moisturisers are most suitable for your skin, the simple colour-coding on the packs makes it easy to remember.


4. When should I use Dermeze Moisturising Soap Free Wash?
Use Dermeze Moisturising Soap Free Wash every time you wash, instead of soap. It’s an effective, but gentle cleanser formulated with an added moisturiser to help nourish your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Apply liberally to wet skin, gently massage into a light lather, then rinse thoroughly with water and pat skin dry. To help maintain skin’s moisture, apply a Dermeze moisturiser after bathing or showering. Depending on your skin’s moisture needs, you can use Dermeze Moisturising Lotion or Moisturising Cream or Dermeze Treatment Cream or Treatment Ointment.
5. How often should I reapply Dermeze moisturisers?
Apply moisturiser regularly throughout the day, particularly after every wash and prior to bedtime. Remember to apply moisturiser immediately after drying off after a shower or bath, and after washing your face or hands.
6. Which Dermeze moisturiser is best for hot and humid days?
Dermeze Moisturising Lotion is our lightest moisturiser, and is useful for application on hot, humid days. It’s easily absorbed and is suitable for use under make-up.
7. Can I use Dermeze moisturisers on my face and body?
Yes, Dermeze moisturisers can be used anywhere on your face and body, although you may prefer to use our lighter Moisturising Lotion and Cream on the face as they are non-greasy and suitable for use under make up. Our more intense Treatment Cream and Ointment are particularly suitable for use on the body.
8. Where can I find Dermeze moisturisers?
You can buy Dermeze products in pharmacies across Australia. Use our store locator.
9. When should I see a doctor about my baby’s dry skin?
You should take your child to your GP if you are at all concerned about your child’s dry skin, especially if:
• Dry skin doesn’t get better despite moisturising
• There are patches of dry skin that are red and itchy
• Dry skin appears to be painful – a sign of possible infection
10. Can I use Dermeze with make-up?
Dermeze Moisturising Lotion and Dermeze Cream are non-greasy and easily absorbed. The light lotion is particularly suitable for use under make-up and on hot and humid days.
11. Which Dermeze moisturiser is best to use in a hot climate?
Our Dermeze Moisturising Lotion is particularly useful for use in hot and humid weather. It’s non-greasy, light and easily absorbed.
12. Is it safe to apply Dermeze Ointment around the eyes?
Yes Dermeze Treatment Ointment can be applied to the skin around the eyes.
13. Are Dermeze products suitable to use on the face?
Our non-greasy Dermeze Moisturising Lotion and Moisturising Cream are particularly suitable for use on the face. The Treatment Cream and Treatment Ointment can be used on the face for very dry skin, but are more suitable for use at night due to their greasier formulation.
14. How do I apply Dermeze moisturisers?
Apply moisturiser regularly throughout the day, particularly after every wash and prior to bedtime. Smooth, rather than rub, into the skin.
15. Can I use Dermeze products with corticosteroids
Regular moisturising is important in managing dry, sensitive skin. It is best to seek advice from your pharmacist or GP if you are using corticosteroid creams.
16. How do I care for clothes if they get stained by Dermeze Treatment Ointment
Dermeze Ointment on fabric should be treated like any oil stain. It may be worthwhile checking with a washing powder/liquid company as they would be more knowledgeable on such matters.

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